How I Lost 13 Pounds in 12 Days Without having Weight Loss Pills or Exercising

I learned about this diet on the Web. Stated to be the diet plan widely employed by Soviet actors when they required to speedily lose weight prior to filming, it appealed to me by its simplicity. There were no special meals to cook, no complex schedule. Except for being limited to 1 particular kind of food on a given day, there had been no restrictions: I could eat as frequently and as considerably as I wanted. “I can do that!” I believed. And so I did.

The diet regime consists of 4 parts, 3 days every single.

Days 1-3 you only drink buttermilk. This may well sound harsh, and if you hate buttermilk, I am sorry. I can drink it with out any difficulties, so I had a glass, at times two, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was not challenging and I did not really feel hungry. The buttermilk I bought was Dean’s Low Fat, sold in half-gallon plastic bottles. One bottle was sufficient for a day in my case. I had lost a couple of pounds by the end of Day three, so I was impressed.

Days 4-6 you eat apples. Any kind – red, yellow, green, and as several as you want. I had bought two bags of Red Delicious, wondering whether or not it would be sufficient it was. On my very first apple day, I was ready for a change and I thought I would eat a bunch, but all I could deal with was 1 and a half. I really was not hungry. So that is the way it went: 1 or two smaller apples for every single meal. The apple days were marked by the most steady weight loss.

Days 7-9 you eat boiled chicken, without having salt or any other seasonings. Dark meat getting my favorite, I bought a bag of chicken drumsticks. Switching to meat was a welcome change. At 1st I kept wishing I could add some salt, but right after a couple of meals I had gotten utilised to the taste and did not uncover it too plain anymore. I ate 2-three drumsticks per meal. By the end of Day 9 I had run out of drumsticks and cooked some white meat THAT I could not eat. I dislike white chicken meat to start with, and eating it boiled was a lot more than I could deal with. Nevertheless, it was at the very end of my chicken days, so it did not ruin my diet.

Days 10-12 you eat cheese with red wine. I picked mild cheddar and Mogen David Concord. I bought three “bricks” of cheese and 3 bottles of wine, which turned out to be way too significantly: what I sipped with every single meal amounted to only half a bottle a day.

Like I have mentioned in the title of this write-up, I lost 13 pounds for the duration of this 12 day diet regime. I did not exercise and did not take any weight loss pills. During the chicken days, I had added some unsweetened green tea to my ration, just due to the fact I wanted something warm to drink. I did not starve or feel any discomfort. Throughout the diet regime, I kept cooking meals for the rest of my family members and sitting down at the table with them consuming “my diet regime stuff” while they ate their meals was not difficult, I did not crave other food. (*Note: I was and still am taking Vemma, a liquid nutritional supplement that stops food cravings, so possibly I owe the ease of the diet plan to Vemma.)